Moxa - Acupuncture NI

Moxibustion means ‘burning herb’ and  is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort (Artemisia argyi). It is commonly used to enhance the effect of traditional acupuncture by warming and moving qi and increasing circulation. It comes in different forms including a fluffy ‘wool’ that is formed into tiny cones or attached to the head of a needle, and cigar-like sticks held above the skin. It can also be placed on a slice of ginger or on salt. The moxa is lit and allowed to smoulder like incense.

It can be combined with traditional acupuncture to treat all kinds of conditions, such as nerve pain, tight muscles, fertility, or to break down scar tissue and adhesions from trauma or surgery. It is well known as a treatment option to turn babies in breech presentation, with studies showing around a 70% success rate. It has also been used in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments to reduce side effects. Some studies have shown that it decreases inflammation, and increases the white cell count in the blood, thus increasing immunity.

As a traditional acupuncturist I am fully trained to use moxa safely so all you will notice is a very pleasant and relaxing feeling of warmth and a distinct smoky smell. I can also train you how to use moxa safely at home where appropriate.