Tuina - Acupuncture NI

Tuina (pronounced “twee-na”) is not well known in the UK and Ireland,  but has been in existence for about 2,500 years, and is practiced in all major hospitals in China. Tuina translates as “push – grasp” and is more than just a standard traditional massage. It works by increasing the energy flow in the body thus bringing your body’s systems back into balance.

It is performed fully clothed, covered with a medical sheet and either seated or on a couch. Attention is focused on the acupuncture meridians and specific acupuncture points to remove blockages.

Tuina is used to treat both physical ailments and promote mental balance, and offers a range of benefits, increasing well-being and speeding up the body’s ability to heal itself. It is used for a wide range of complaints including stress, sports injuries, neck, shoulder or back  pain, headaches,  sciatica, high blood pressure, and insomnia. There is also  abdominal massage for digestive, fertility or menstrual problems.

One of its major benefits is its versatility: I have used tuina with a week old baby for colic, my oldest patient (so far!) who is 90 years old, for neck pain, an athlete in the World Police & Fire Games, a mixed martial arts player, a teenager with scoliosis, and in acute and chronic conditions for all ages. It is especially helpful for babies and children, and those who don’t like needles.