Pregnancy - Acupuncture NI

Sometimes women will experience back pain or sickness during their pregnancy but are concerned about taking medication. This is the safe, drug free alternative, used for hundreds of years.

Clinical studies have shown a success rate of between 70-80% using acupuncture and moxibustion for turning of a breech baby, and I will show you how to continue the treatment at home.

I offer treatments to prepare your body for labour, and also – so often neglected- to nourish you in the days and weeks afterwards.


• Nausea & vomiting in pregnancy (“Morning” sickness)

• Conditions during pregnancy eg


• Anxiety

• Back pain

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Headaches

• Sciatica

• Sinus problems


• Preparation for labour, including breech presentation

• Post natal nourishing

• Post natal depression

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