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At my practice based on the Lisburn Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, I believe that health is not just the absence of disease – but a positive feeling of well-being and balance: physically, mentally, emotionally – the three are not separate.

I work with you to help you to get your body back into that balance and therefore health, by treating not only the symptoms or pains that you experience, but working on the root cause of why and how they arose. Not merely masking symptoms, but working towards a goal of long term recovery and health.

I want to empower you, and educate you about your health and well-being, working with you to help make realistic changes where needed towards your own health goals, whatever they mean to you. That could range from correcting posture for back pain, to breathing techniques for anxiety, or some changes in the foods you eat.

I am passionate about treating everyone as an individual, with your own needs, and not just identifying you by your symptoms or disease. You are a whole person and each of us in unique.

I offer a combination of therapies not widely known in N. Ireland to achieve this: acupuncture, tuina, qi gong, naturopathy and Chinese nutrition.

The benefits of these therapies include:

• Effective and safe approach for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions

• Addressing the underlying cause of disease and illness as well as the symptoms

• An holistic approach to disease and illness, treating the body, mind and spirit together

• Assisting in the prevention of disease and the maintenance of general health and well-being.

• A drug free approach, that nevertheless can be used in conjunction with Western medicine.



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